About Me

Luke Reginald Slaughterhouse is a 30-year-old semi-professional sports person who enjoys playing video games, ferret racing and snakes and ladders. He is energetic and giving, but can also be very greedy and a bit sadistic.

He is an Afghan Christian who defines himself as gay. He has a post-graduate degree in sports science.

Physically, Luke is not in great shape. He needs to lose quite a lot of weight. He is short with bronze skin, grey hair and brown eyes.

He grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father

He is currently in a relationship with Micah Jon Ruiz. Micah is 9 years older than him and works as a professional sports person.

Luke has one child with boyfriend Micah: Stephanie aged 1.

Luke’s best friend is a semi-professional sports person called Renee O’Reilly. They have a very firey friendship. He also hangs around with a semi-professional sports person called Kenzie Zhang. They enjoy adult colouring books together.